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Patients With Special Needs

At Simply Kids Dental, our mission is to transform the dental experience into a delightful and stress-free journey. This commitment extends to ensuring that patients with special needs receive exceptional care for their oral health in an environment characterized by comfortable care and reassurance. We recognize the significance of offering pediatric dentistry tailored to children with special needs, and our aim is to instill comfort and confidence in your children throughout their visit.

Dr. Sean, with his extensive education background and of nurturing eight unique children of his own, possesses a natural ability to engage with diverse medical temperaments and personalities, fostering patience and positivity in every interaction.

Our warm and welcoming team is dedicated to accommodating your child's preferences and comfort levels. This may involve flexible scheduling options, an office tour or initial “happy visit” beforehand or providing oral sedation and hospital dentistry when necessary. Moreover, we extend an open invitation for family members or friends to accompany patients during their appointments, ensuring a supportive atmosphere that promotes relaxation and trust.

Delivering comprehensive care preventive dental cleaning services to patients with special healthcare needs stands as a cornerstone of our pediatric dental office. We hold in high regard the individuality of every young patient under our care and are committed to promoting optimal health for all, irrespective of developmental challenges or other medical complexities.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry characterizes special healthcare needs as encompassing "any physical, developmental, mental, sensory, behavioral, cognitive, or emotional impairment or limiting condition that necessitates medical oversight, healthcare intervention, and/or utilization of specialized services or programs." Whether rooted in congenital factors, developmental milestones, or arising from illness or injury, we are equipped to offer guidance and foster awareness regarding the unique dental requirements of each child.

Providing dental care for individuals with special needs demands specialized expertise obtained through additional training, as well as heightened sensitivity, adaptation, and tailored approaches extending beyond conventional treatment modalities. Within our practice, we possess the necessary proficiency to deliver appropriate dental care while honoring the distinct characteristics of the special needs children entrusted to us.

Our objective is to establish a dental home, characterized by the safe delivery of treatment and the attainment of optimal dental wellness for your child

We are excited to serve individuals with special needs in the Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park and neighboring communities and invite you to experience the individualized care we can provide. Contact us at 719-598-5437 to schedule your appointment today!  

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