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At times, mere brushing may not suffice, particularly in reaching those intricate nooks and crannies within your child’s mouth. The intricacies of teeth, with their small cracks and crevices, pose a challenge for toothbrushes. Left unattended, these minuscule areas can foster tooth decay. Enter sealants, offering an added layer of defense against decay and cavity formation for your child's teeth.

Dental sealants, composed of plastic resins, adhere and solidify within the deep crevices of tooth surfaces. By sealing a tooth, these minute fissures are smoothed out, reducing the likelihood of plaque accumulation. With sealants in place, brushing becomes more efficient and effective in thwarting tooth decay.

Typically, sealants are applied to children’s teeth following the eruption of their permanent dentition as a preemptive strategy against decay. While sealing "permanent" teeth is more common than "baby" teeth, individual patient needs vary, and the dentist will tailor recommendations accordingly.

The longevity of sealants spans from three to five years, although it's not uncommon to encounter adults with intact sealants from childhood. However, a dental sealant only functions as protection when fully intact. If your child's sealants become dislodged, promptly inform the dentist and schedule a re-sealing appointment to maintain optimal dental health.


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